In December 2018 we got a call from Chicken & Egg Pictures, after we had applied for and Eggcelerator Lab Grant (DO IT IF YOU ARE A FIRST OR SECOND TIME WOMAN AND/OR LGBT FILMMAKER) 6 months earlier.  They were calling to tell us that we got a $35 000 production grant, which really and truly has changed our lives in that we can now work on this film full time rather than in the piecemeal style we’ve been doing it in over the last 5 years.

This grant comes with attending 3 mentorship labs over the course of 1 year – 2 in upstate New York and 1 in the U.K. At these labs, we get to deconstruct our stories over a week with the other filmmakers in the cohort as well as industry experts such as editors, cinematographers and other more experienced filmmakers. We get to review footage, practice, pitching, learn about the art of fundraising and basically UPGRADE ourselves as storytellers through film.

It’s been the most amazing fellowship for this film with an all around tip top group of women, from the Chicken & Egg team to our fellow cohort members. Go to Chicken and Egg Pictures to learn more.