The Sundance Institute’s Creative Producing Summit – August 2019

Our (amazing) producer Marion Isaacs was invited to the Sundance Institute’s Creative Producing  Summit held at the Sundance Resort in Utah in July. At the actual resort started by Robert Redford. What are our lives?

As a summit that brings together independent producers, funders, distributors, sales agents and some of the most important industry stakeholders in fiction and non-fiction filmmaking, the summit is a really great opportunity for producers to come together without their directors and to finally get some much needed attention, recognition, skills development, knowledge sharing and just to be around each other.

Marion got an opportunity to pitch our little big film and have one on one meetings with industry leaders from organisations such as POV, Just Films / The Ford Foundation, HULU, Netflix, Cinereach, BET, Cinetic Media and Overbrook Entertainment.  It went great you guys.

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