We’re Going to IFP Week

With the help of the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) – which is the South African government’s fund dedicated to supporting the development of film in our country – Mili and Marion will be attending the Independent Filmmakers Project or in from 15 – 21 September in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York.  After making an application to the NFVF earlier this year, we were selected to participate in the week long summit that is basically a week of meetings with the industry stakeholders of your dreams. 

Because we are still fundraising, which takes forever in documentary filmmaking, we apply to go to these kinds of summits because they bring together funders, distributors, sales agents, industry hot shots and filmmakers into one space for a week where we get to have 30 minute meetings with people who can literally change the trajectory of your project and life by a recommendation, a handshake or a signature.

There are also talks, panel discussions, film screenings and parties, all of which are opportunities to meet people, talk about our project, listen to other people talk about their projects and just fly the flag of your storytelling high.  The other South African project that will be there is Rehad Desai’s How To Steal a Country.

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